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Mercury Recycling Containers and collection

We  collect your mercury waste via licensed Hazardous Waste Carriers who are fully conversant with the risks and procedures for handling mercury. We can provide the relevant Environment Agency consignment notes for each collection.
Typically we accept mercury waste in standard 55 gallon (or 210 litre) drums with sealed lids or in other UN approved containers. Enlightened Lamp Recycling are also pleased to offer the facility to transport smaller amounts of mercury waste via our specially designed Ratchet Lid Pails. These smart pieces of equipment are plastic pails that have a ‘lock down’ lid, whereby the seal is made tight by means of a ratchet system. We offer these in two sizes, a US 3 Gallon (UK 2.91gallon/13.25 litre) Pail and a 1.25 US Gallon (UK 1.04gallon/4.731 litre) Pail.