mercury retort at ELR Reigate


This is a state-of-the-art processor which is, as far as we are aware, the best available technology for commercial Mercury removal in the UK. We are not aware of any other commercially viable mercury processor in the UK. We are currently able to use the retort for the decontamination of electrical switches,  lamp powder , batteries, mercury bearing equipment as well as construction and demolition waste. We can also accept medical wastes , dental amalgams, other contaminated WEEE , wastes from the chlor-alkali industry and hope to drastically increase the volume of mercury backlights from flat screen TVs and computer monitors (FPDs). This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it gives you an idea of the scope of mercury wastes  the retort can handle.

A hot gas filter/oxidizer removes any pyrolized phenolics, hydrocarbons and other plastics from the waste stream. Multiple in series filters, a high efficiency condenser, cold trap and completely sealed mercury receiver are then used to capture and contain the recovered mercury. The negative vacuum system means that any leaks occurring in piping, fittings and valves are always air leaking in: not liquid or vapor mercury leaking out. All process vessels which have any possibility of containing mercury are continuously maintained under a partial vacuum. Emissions are through a dual bed activated carbon column which ensures the lowest level of emissions at all times. This has been independently verified by an MCERTS approved company which showed emissions at ,or lower than the analytical limit of detection. The process is monitored at all stages via a Direct Digital Control system which allows remote monitoring and control of all aspects of the operation of the retort 24/7. Samples of treated batches are sent to UKAS accredited laboratories to ensure that the resulting recyclates have been decontaminated to well below approved Environment Agency levels.

All of our operatives are fully trained , are provided with the highest level safety equipment and are regularly monitored for any signs of mercury contamination. We have an exemplary record with the EA regarding the health and safety of our workforce and our procedures for processing hazardous waste.