We are licensed hazardous waste carriers and our operators are fully trained in the handling of mercury waste


We process your mercury waste in-house via a fully monitored system to assure optimal performance and safety.


Our process yeilds mercury at 99.99% purity.  All other recyclates are re-used or sent for re-processing into valuable commodities wherever possible.

For lamp recycling please see out dedicated website click here

recycling best practice

Using others, you may be increasing your carbon footprint and emissions by allowing a more distant processor to process the waste!

Also, you are increasing congestion on the road and increasing the chance of a hazardous spill by transporting over greater distances.

mercury retortMost other processors will not have the ability to process ALL the lamp waste including Mercury, thereby complicating your audit trail.

We can process the lot - We have State-of-the-art mercury and lamp processing technology (BAT - Best Available Technology) which allows us to process ALL lamp waste and most mercury wastes too.

Our state of the art processor wil remove hazardous mercury to levels that meet or exceed Environment Agency Limits